New Continuous Integration tutorial published

Hot off the press – a new continuous integration tutorial. It’s really not just about continuous integration, though! You’ll find it useful even if you aren’t using a continuous integration server like Hudson. It’s useful if you are doing any part of the scenario it documents: Setting up Team Productivity Center for your team and tasks, checking in source code changes to Subversion while referencing TPC tasks, building JUnit test cases for ADF BC view objects (in a different project than the components themselves), running JUnit tests from Ant tasks (including utilizing the database connection defined in the AM via Ant), setting up a Hudson job to check out from subversion and run the tests automatically, and reporting the build results back to TPC and JDeveloper using the TPC plug-in for Hudson and the Hudson plug-in for TPC. All this and many other pearls of wisdom for testing ADF applications are available here:

Even if you don’t make it all the way through to the end, or if you are only using certain parts of the tutorial, let us know if it was useful to you by visiting the last page of the tutorial where we have a small feedback form. We do really read those comments!


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