Changes in ADF Enablement

Some great developments have come about in the past few weeks. First, we’ve added Chris Muir to our ADF enablement team at Oracle and his experience and expertise with ADF should help us address real-world issues that our customers face. He’s also a really nice guy, so I’m happy to be working with him more formally.

Additionally, I’ll be appearing at fewer conferences as I’m trading airline miles for management tasks. I’ll still be focused on ADF of course, and will be contributing to the ADF enablement effort via online mediums. But now I’ll also be heading up the Java Tools curriculum development team. Our group is responsible for OU courses like these: , as well as distributing collateral via other means like ADF Insider Essentials and the brand new eCourse, Advanced ADF Series Part 1. Dana Singleterry’s given a nice writeup of that eCourse here:

Look for more ADF content coming to you in various formats in 2012. We want to make customers successful with ADF. That means (re)formatting content in a way that makes the most sense for the topic, continuing to foster the Fusion Developer Certification program through in-class and online courseware, and we can always make improvements in making collateral more discoverable. These internal changes in our team are all a means to realize these goals sooner rather than later. It’s an exciting time!


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